Jonas Rabener


Jonas Rabener successfully completed his studies at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Enschede in 2013. There he received 4 years of private lessons from the well-known Dutch saxophonist Allard Buwalda (The Voice of Holland). He quickly developed into a versatile saxophonist who from then on moved in a wide variety of musical styles and built up a large network. This enabled him, among other things, to perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Dome and the German Rock and Pop Prize. He regularly plays in big bands, jazz combos, but also pop, funk and soul bands are his milieu. He is also a studio musician, theater /Musical saxophonist active.

Alex Cordts


Growing up in Friesland in northern Germany between the tides, the cry of seagulls and a friendly “MOIN” morning, noon and evening, after studying the saxophone at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede I was drawn to the Münsterland region, where I have been working as a saxophonist and instrumental teacher ever since. Since my beginnings as a musician I have been looking for the perfect mouthpiece that is suitable for multiple musical genres, having played in metal & jazz bands as well as classical orchestras from an early age. Among others, I have shared the stage with musicians such as John Golsby, Scott Hamilton, Peter Weniger, Andy Harderer, Nippy Noya, Martin Verdonk & Johan Hörlén.

Maxim Bortz

Product development

Born and raised in the city of Fröndenberg an der Ruhr in 1990. As a person with a great affinity for technology, I learned and practiced the profession of tool mechanic, and then I graduated as a state-certified mechanical engineer.

With my penchant for technology, I have dedicated my entire life to solving or improving technical problems. In addition to being a toolmaker, I spent my time restoring vintage cars, building engines and CNC machining, but also 3D printing, which became one of my passions.

Since I listen to music passionately and a lot, it was in my nature to apply the technical knowledge I had acquired to the area of ​​saxophone mouthpieces.

Martin Schildmacher

Sales & Investment

I was born in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in 1964 as the son of an entrepreneurial family. Professionally, I’ve always been a skipper – albeit more in an entrepreneurial sense at my desk. I have spent my whole life with my passion, building companies and optimizing processes and production flows. After more than 30 years of successful work in the IT sector, I decided in 2015 to give up my position as a member of the Management Board and thus sell my shares in a successful IT company with strong sales in order to find new ways for myself.


As a musician and innovative thinker, I’m always concerned with the actual creative process. It makes me happy to set things in motion and get more out of them. Whether I’m staging a play or designing a business model, both processes allow me to think creatively and act creatively. I live by the motto “Truth and Humor”.

Stephen Köckemann

Marketing & Design

As a British and Canadian citizen who grew up in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, I am constantly driven by my enthusiasm for innovative ideas. Always hungry for new knowledge and groundbreaking insights, coupled with my high passion for digital media, I was able to successfully demonstrate my skills as a UX/UI designer and CG artist in a wide variety of companies.

Being a member of the Ranger family of five is not only an honor for me, but also a great opportunity to further develop an innovative product and its brand!