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We are a fresh, dynamic team consisting of musicians, engineers and business people. Years of experience in our respective fields and the desire to innovate have brought us together for a single, remarkable goal. It is common knowledge among musicians that every saxophonist is looking for their ideal mouthpiece. The crucial but often underestimated piece of technology that connects every artist to their instrument. Years of frustrating search for the ideal mouthpiece led Rangers to take matters into their own hands and set a new standard in customer satisfaction. It all started on a farm. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, the vision for a new mouthpiece and company emerged in a way that was nothing short of inspiring.

It is truly our dream to collaborate with other like-minded artists and professionals and make music history at the same time.

The rangers are Alex, Jonas, Maxim, Martin and Stephen.

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Who we are

Our History


Our journey began in 2017. Our idea was to create a flexible mouthpiece that was easy to play and had the greatest sound possible. We quickly worked on the first prototype with our technician Maxim Bortz. We were immediately impressed by his precise work and the implementation of his ideas regarding the sound and the ease of playing. Initially we worked with pet material using the FDM printing process. But we quickly realized that this was far too little for our needs. More on that later.


After almost 2 years of innovation work and numerous tests with a wide variety of materials, we slowly but surely developed a product with which we were able to satisfy our high demands for maximum quality. At the same time, we were also thinking about marketing and sales. That's where the idea for Scheriff Mouthpieces came from. True to the motto: “A sound as quick as being shot from a gun”. But this remained just a funny idea.


Our mouthpiece was on target in terms of quality, as was our marketing strategy. Since we are all very close to nature and our mouthpiece is for a woodwind instrument, we stuck close to nature in terms of marketing. So we decided on the name Ranger Mouthpieces. With the four-part system consisting of root, trunk, bark and crown, we oriented ourselves towards the structure of a tree. Our production facility is also idyllically located on a farm surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.


After another 2 years of problem solving and numerous optimizations in materials and processes, we finally had it in our hands. 5 years of work born from an idea was completed. Our mouthpieces were exactly what we wanted in terms of quality and appearance. Manufactured with an EN ISO certified biocompatible resin from the medical sector, we had achieved the perfection and stability that we had been looking for all these years. Convince yourself of our quality and the joy that Ranger Mouthpieces bring you when playing the saxophone. Because that's what we all love!